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Carrie Miller, Austinite, holds a Master in Cello Performance and a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied under renowned cellist and educator Phyllis Young. Carrie taught and conducted for the University of Texas String Project, and, at that time, founded her private teaching studio, which she maintains today. She is a member of the Mid-Texas Symphony and is co-owner of Hyde Park Strings. Ms. Miller was the conductor of the Austin Youth Orchestra for the 1996-1998 seasons. She has taught orchestra in the Austin public schools since 1995, including many elementary schools, Bailey MS, Paredes MS, and Small MS. Under her direction, Paredes and Small middle schools achieved their first University Interscholastic League Sweepstakes award. Carrie is currently the Fine Arts Department Chair and Orchestra Director at Small middle school.