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Principal's Corner

Beat the Summer Slide: Take the 5 Book Dive!

The school year has come to an end and now everyone is busy planning summer activities.

READING is one of my personal favorite pastimes. There’s nothing like sitting on a beautiful beach with a good novel. I love to tune out the rest of the world and get lost in a great story! We know that we can learn so much from reading, AND recent research has shown that those who read LITERARY FICTION have higher social-emotional intelligence, too (Kidd and Castano, 2013). We learn to empathize with others and experience the world in a way we might not otherwise be able to do. Reading is a great joy that also helps us grow into better people.


We know, too, that beginning readers and elementary age students require regular practice to retain their skills. In fact, research shows that reading JUST FIVE BOOKS can protect students from a drop in reading levels known as the “summer slide,” which disproportionately affects lower-income students (Alexander, Entwisle, and Olson, 2007; Kim, 2004). The effects of the “summer slide” are cumulative, and can have serious consequences for our children.


To address this, our Superintendent, Dr. Paul Cruz, challenges us to “Beat the Summer Slide” with the AISD 5 Book Dive Program. Working in partnership with BookPeople, the AISD Library and Language Arts departments have created suggested summer reading lists. You can find the lists and more research and information at this AISD website:

Join us in some fun summer reading and let’s beat the summer slide!

Happy Reading!



Ms. Jacobson